Picture suspected smuggling activities at i sea. Imagine a serious forest fire. Envision a pipeline rupture in deep water. In each of these cases every piece of information holds value. Time is of the essence. Every second counts. Every meter costs. We are proud to introduce the most qualified integrated air drone, sea drone and survey management software solution available today.


 Customer Satisfaction

We design and build air and sea drones that live up to the high expectations and operational requirements of our customers. We continuously monitor our internal processes and customer feedback to ensure that our products and services are always improving in ways that directly translates to value for our users.

One of our largest customers recently had this to say about us:

“It is a testament to your design and implementation that the V8 has proved so reliable and com- mercially successful for us. Since I was in Sweden in October we have done six major campaigns of about 3-4 weeks each, and not suffered a single significant failure other than a flooded light. My only reservation in fully recommending the vehicle is that it might push me back in the queue for the next one.”

We maintain sales and service facilities around the world and can provide support and training in most time zones and geographic locations.

Science and research customers include the Australian Antarctic Division, the Alfred Wegener Institute, the University of Gothenburg and the Swedish National Maritime Museums. Commercial customers include Sakhalin Energy Invest- ment Company and Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks.

Military and law enforcement customers include the German Water Police, the Swedish Coast Guard, the Finnish Border Guard, the Australian Customs Service, the US Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, the Republic of Korea Navy, the Finnish Navy, the Chinese Navy, the Royal Danish Navy and the Saudi Royal Guard, many with signed framework agreements.

An Ocean Modules sea drone inspection by  Intervention Engineering

An Ocean Modules sea drone inspection by Intervention Engineering


Industrial Business Residence (IBR)

High-tech solutions require close collaboration between designers, production managers, suppliers and testers. The Industrial Business Residence gathers many of the companies involved in creating, building and testing all of our drones under one roof.

The entire Air & Sea concept, including the companies Ocean Modules Sweden AB, ACC Innovation AB and ACC Group AB, is part of the Industrial Business Residence. IBR collects every single major supplier of electronics, mechanical manufacturing, surface treatment, large-scale production and testing under a single roof exceeding 50000 square meters, guaranteeing industry-leading support from rapid prototyping and integration to service and training.


A History of Trust

We pioneered the six degrees of freedom concept for inspection class underwater drones and have been the market leader for innovation, quality, reliability and customer support ever since.

The automatic stability control, ease of use and patented survey management software makes our systems the tool of choice for navies, coast guards, hydrographic institutions, border protection agencies, water police departments, crash site investigators, marine biologists, marine archeologists, research institutions, universities, fisheries, survey companies, fish farmers and companies in the oil, gas and wind power industries on every continent.

The brand new and totally reeng- ineered drone ranges take these well-established concepts several steps into the future, adding redundancy, robustness and diagnosis based on engineering talent recruited from the fighter jet, medical device and banking system industries.

The technology has been put to use all over the globe, from conqu- ering both the North Pole and the South Pole through research expeditions, to protecting the borders of Finland, Australia and China to supporting existing and emerging energy markets in Norway and Russia.

Activity planning, execution and reporting has never been easier, faster, cheaper or safer.

An Ocean Modules sea drone deployed from the  Polarstern  research vessel

An Ocean Modules sea drone deployed from the Polarstern research vessel


Commercial Structure

The Air & Sea concept is built on products, work methods and personnel all commercially located within the ACC Group AB company structure. The sea drones are produced by Ocean Modules, the air drones are produced by ACC Innovation and the SPOT.ON survey management software is produced by Tapiren, all within the walls of the Industrial Business Residence, which also houses a majority of the major suppliers.

ACC Group AB Company Structure

ACC Group AB Company Structure